August 26, 2020

Founded in 1995 in Canada, Cervelo is one of the worlds favourite brands renowned for innovation and technical prowess in the development of their perfomance bikes. Cervelo are a favoured brand at Cycle Exchange too. In addition to the often analysed performance metrics of the various models, as a reseller we additionally look at other aspects like popularity, desirability, resale value, value for money, reliability and quality of build. In all those aspects the Cervelo range is high scoring indeed. Used in the past by British Cycling and pro teams like Dimension Data, their products certainly have the support of the professional circuit too.

Lets take a quick whistle stop tour of the range and our views on each model.

The R series or Classic Road has been a long standing top shelf bike that is a well established favourite in the enthusiast market. Ranging from the range topping R5 through the R3 and to the more budget conscious R2 with disc models available for the R3 and R5. A superb all round race bike that delivers a stiff, light (increasing up the range) but still comfortable ride. There is always a strong market for these bikes and the R3 Disc is a particular favourite of our customers due to fit and price point.   

The C series or Endurance Road is a much more relaxed geometry with a lower bottom bracket that nudges into the gravel section. All disc and wide clearance but still light and aggressive enough to feel like you are on a proper road bike. We haven't seen a huge number of these changing hands but owners we've talked to love them as a top performing 'all day' bike that can go on or off road comfortably without tiring you out like some of the full gravel models out there.    

The S series is their aero bike range and is very popular amongst the speed demons of the road world. The S5 is the favourite of Cav which says alot about its speed credentials. Cervelo really started the aero road bike category and the S5 is the epitome of a bike designed with drag reduction in mind. The rear wheel arch is very close to the wheel and the seat post sits over it (check the wheel arch if buying second hand as is easily damaged!).

The S3 is the most popular amongst every day riders who just want a bit more aggression and speed but not the low position and super stiff ride of the S5. The S3 disc is a firm favourite amongst our customers although the paint schemes can be a bit 'marmite'.     

Triathlon and Time Trial is really where Cervelo started and their P range is THE standard bearer amongst the triathlon community. Count the number of Cervelos at any major event for supporting evidence of their popularity. Getting into the technicalities of the bikes requires a whole new article. From the range topping P5X through to the (relative) value orientated P2 these are top quality race machines. We sell 10year old P2's and P3's easily, they are always sought after and hold good value if looked after.  

The Aspero is Cervelo's most beautiful gravel bike to grace our store. With a 1x set up and most have 12 speed cassette this bike will open up a world of opportunities from a ride down the towpath to some hardcore Surrey gravel riding this bike can do almost everything. Not too heavy and not too chunky, it just looks stunning!


Check out our latest Cervelo range here.

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