Cycle to Work Schemes

Buy your bike using the Government Approved Tax Saving Benefit.


The government allows all employees the tax benefit of buying a bike out of their pre taxed salary, enabling significant savings (dependant on tax code) and now on an unlimited amount. Your employer can administer this themselves. 

A number of companies can administer the scheme on behalf of the company. CycleScheme, Bike2work, cycle2work. However please note these are not Govenment schemes - they are very profitable privately owned organisations that make a significant margin on the purchase of the bike. In alot of cases they make more than the retailer on the bike sale. The exception is Green Commute Initiative that are a 'not for profit' organisation and charge a commission that is line with the actual cost of processing the voucher.

We accept most of the vouchers but the commission will need to be paid on all bikes that are less than RRP. Green Commute charge 5% plus VAT the rest 10-15%, GC are very easy to sign up with by clicking the link above.

Contact us by visiting or calling to discuss the scheme and what bikes are available on it.

1. Your employer needs to have organised the facility or be registered with one of the Cycle to Work schemes that we are members of. They can find out how to do this on the Cycle to Work Scheme websites. If you or your company need advice on how to set this up in house just give us a call we are experts.

2. Once you have discussed with us and chosen your bike get in touch or apply for a Certificate online using the relevant Cycle to Work Scheme website. Your employee will need to have registered with them.

3. If doing in house your employer will remit funds to CE directly and we will invoice accordingly.

4. If on a sheme, once approved, a Certificate will be issued to either your employer or directly to you. The Certificate is then redeemed at CE (via email or in store) in exchange for the bike.

Please Note:
Unless the price of the purchase is full RRP, the customer is liable for the commission on the voucher charged by the scheme. Please ask for more details.

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