Bike To Work Is A Government Run Scheme That Saves You Up to 42% Off Your New Ride.

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All Of Our Stock Is Available To Buy On The Schemes

You can buy both new and pre-owned bikes via Bike to Work. You can also process a pre-owned bike from elsewhere through us. Get in touch below.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked these a lot

We accept all schemes. You can use our calculator below to view savings and any commission charges assosciated with your scheme. We recommend using gogeta as all bikes are available with no commission charges applied. It's very easy to get your employer to accept the vouchers using this link.

You can buy the bike online and we will refund you once you have your voucher ready to redeem from your employer. Please get in touch below for further help. *Not available on pre-owned used bikes via cyclescheme.

You can save up to 42% off the cost of your bike dependent on your salary. Please use our calculator below to view your specific savings.

If you have a voucher already then you can buy a bike straight away. If not then please speak to a member of staff via our form below.

Some schemes do charge a commission for using their voucher. We have outlined each commission in our calculator below. We always recommend speaking to a member of staff for more details if you need them.

Bike To Work Calculator

You can use our calculator below to work out the savings you would make by using a Bike To Work voucher.

Simply fill out your product price, salary and scheme provider and click calculate!

Looking To Use Cyclescheme?

Please see specific details about this scheme on their page here.