Buy Back Guarantee

Guaranteed Exchange Value from Cycle Exchange

At Cycle Exchange we want you to keep on riding with us. To help keep you in the family we offer a simple guarantee for the trade in value of the bike you are buying. 

It's simple - we guarantee a minimum 80% of the value, minus 1% for every month of ownership up to 2 years. The Trade In Value can be used against anything we are selling at Cycle Exchange, new and used, bikes or parts.


Here's an example:

Used bike bought for £2000 from Cycle Exchange, ridden for 6 months. 

Exchange Value is 80% of £2000 (£1600) minus 6 x 1% of £2000 (£120) is £1480 Trade In Value Credit


Please note the following:

  • Adjustments will need to be made for any cosmetic damage and worn out parts. 
  • We can't accept a bike with structural damage to the frame even if repaired
  • If the specification has been changed price will be adjusted up or down accordingly
  • The Buy Back Guarantee does not apply to bikes bought brand new from manufacturer via Cycle Exchange or custom built bikes to order.


No need to do anything until you are ready to trade in just keep hold of your receipt or check in your account to see the details of the bike you bought and when you bought it.

Aside from the Buy Back Guarantee we are happy to price any bike for Sale or Part Exchange at any time, just go to the pricing form here.