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August 26, 2020

Take advantage of our January build offer with these suggestions from the guys in store in Kingston...  

Parlee Z5i Frameset Size M/L 

This lightweight performance machine from iconic brand Parlee is asking to be built up and taken on some testing climbs this year. One of the lightest framesets on the market - Build this for as little as £2,200.  

Trek Domane SLR Disc Size 56cm 

Trek’s patented IsoSpeed technology is a proven saviour over longer rides and on our distinctly British (crap) roads. With clearance for wider tyres, mudguard mounts, disc brakes and a full Trek manufacturer warranty, this is the perfect do-it-all bike - build this for as little as £3,300.

 BMC Team Machine SLR01 Disc 

BMC’s TeamMachine has “won them all” to use BMC’s own line. The perfect all rounder with a racey balance of lightweight, compliance and stiffness it is the benchmark of disc brake bikes on the market. Build this for £4,250.

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