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Prestige, Performance, Results.

There aren’t too many cycling brands in the world with as illustrious a history as Pinarello. Founded in 1952 by Giovanni Pinarello, who famously was paid by his team NOT to ride the Giro d’Italia after having finished in last place the year before, the company has grown over the years into the winningest Grand Tour frame of the modern era. That’s no accident since this is a family run business that is passionate about creating the best possible bikes both for professionals and hobby cyclists to enjoy.

Huge popularity has inevitably followed their road racing success. The Dogma F series starting with the Dogma F8 and culminating (at the moment) with the Dogma F, offers a glimpse into how a perfect carbon racing bike should ride. Pinarello designers focus on a holistic approach when developing their bikes, not focusing on one attribute over another. They are perfectly balanced between aero and lightweight; responsive and stable. And though we may all drool over the Dogmas, they take the same care with the more affordable Prince, Paris, and Gan series. What makes all their carbon road bikes remarkable is the sheer number of sizes they are available in. With 13 sizes from which to choose in the Dogma F12 and 11 in the Dogma F, this is about as close as you can come to having a custom made monocoque carbon racing bike.

Pinarello is known for their road bikes of course, but they also have taken the leap into gravel bikes with the Grevil and e-bikes with their Nytro road, gravel and commuter options. Wind tunnel tested and proven in the biggest events in the world, Pinarello bikes have been designed with one purpose in mind: to make you faster and happier on all your rides.

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