The Cycle Exchange Sustainability Pledge

The Cycle Exchange Sustainability Pledge

Aug 26, 2020Jamie Toy

Unlock the value in your bike shed and help save the planet ! 

• To keep used bikes and parts in circulation for as long as possible 

• To reduce the cycling carbon footprint by giving a genuine alternative to a new bike and all the production and transportation carbon impact it creates 

• We guarantee to give value to any traded in bike – anything worth less than £80 goes to local charities 

• We plant a tree for every bike we sell 

• We use 95% sustainable packaging

Despite its broader green and health credentials in terms of ecological transport and well being, the bicycle industry tends to have short product life cycles. This is particularly true in the 'Enthusiast' segment where fashion and perceived performance gains are key selling points. 

Cycle Exchange aims to address this by re-inventing the way we look at used bicycles and parts. We've been trading for 7 years and have more recently moved into mainstream retail as a genuine alternative to the traditional retail outlets. We have a large store in the cycling mecca of the Richmond Park environs. 

Our mantra is simple: used bikes and parts offer the customer incredible value for money whilst also extending the life of many products. Whilst there is a certain pleasure in purchasing a new bike every year – who doesn’t enjoy that? – this does not need to be a brand new bike. 

When you buy used through Cycle Exchange you  get quality and assurance as well as great value. Each bike is fully serviced and comes with a warranty for peace of mind. Our bikes are usually excellent condition and often hardly distinguishable from new. 

A used bike also has a significant benefit in terms of carbon footprint over the manufacturing and import process of a new bike. Most of our bikes are sourced locally or transported in the UK using sustainable packaging. 

Where we do sell new products, we are usually doing some sort of part exchange so the customer is keeping their old bike In circulation, still having a positive Impact on their carbon footprint. 

In addition to selling whole bikes we trade extensively in used parts. From a £10 derailleur to a £2000 wheel set we have lots of recycled parts that are bought and used as spares by customers or often built into a whole bike. 

We very often do 'frame swaps' so if a bike Is a wrong size or a customer is just looking for a new set up or look, all their components are moved across to a different frame and we sell or build up their existing one. Again, keeps good product In circulation and avoids further carbon footprint from just buying a whole new bike. 

Trading with Cycle Exchange is easy - In store or online. Come to our amazing retail outlet in Kingston where you find knowledgeable and friendly staff and great coffee. Or just give us a call or browse our website. Buying, selling and exchanging is easily done remotely, the process Is simple and efficient.

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