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The Biggest Bike Company In The World

Always an innovator and early adopter, Giant has built a strong following by making high quality steel frames first, then elite level aluminium frames, and by now have cemented a reputation for building some of the best carbon bikes in the industry. They have succeeded in doing this in large part to the fact that they own their own factory, and their workers have notched up hundreds of thousands of hours precisely laying up carbon frames.

Giant has sponsored some of the top teams in the professional peloton and have chalked up some big Grand Tours successes including the overall victory at the Giro d’Italia in 2017 with Tom Dumoulin and Team Sunweb. But that’s not anywhere close to telling the whole story about the company. They are committed to providing the right bike for every type of rider. Are you going big for gravel? Giant is there for you. Are you looking to test yourself on the triathlon circuit? Giant has a TT bike to suit your needs from aerodynamics to storage. They have cruisers and commuters for city riders, and beginner bikes for your children.

The company should also get a shoutout for their sister bike brand Liv. Founded in 2008, Liv bikes are designed from the ground up for women riders. The philosophy is that women need more from a bike then for it to have smaller men’s sizes. Women have different needs, which the Liv brand of bicycles address. Not only that, but Liv and Giant have been huge supporters of women’s cycling with the view of making the sport more inclusive and equitable. And we say good on them for that!

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