Save £75 Off Any Bike After Using Our Fit & Find Service

Fit And Find: Bike Fitting

Fitting & Shopping Brought Together
Get The Right Bike For You

Choosing a new bike but not sure which bike is best for you? Want to ensure a shop’s brands aren’t limiting your choice?

Then you need to use our expert led Fit & Find service.

What Is Fit And Find?

We’ve teamed up with Cycling Performance, Bike Fit Experts to offer a buying process unlike anything that’s around.

Working with Cycling Performance’s fit experts, you’ll be taken through their Foundation Bike Fit.

Assessing you from head to toe and optimising your position on their jig, we’ll now have the measurements required to truly understand what you need.

They will recommend bike size, stem length, bar width and stack heights that are the best for you.

A Cycle Exchange expert will have a chat with you over a drink of your choice in our café and show you what fits the recommended criteria.

With our wide range of bikes and not being constrained to limited brands or stock options you can now have the ideal bike set-up for you and ready to ride out the door

Why Use Fit And Find?

We deal with 100s of customers looking for bikes and the question we get asked the most is ‘does this bike fit me?’ We’ve partnered with Cycling Performance to answer that question without doubt.

The experts at Cycling Performance believe people at all levels should be happy on the bike and can get a fit. Whether you're brand new to cycling or a seasoned veteran.

The best time to get a fit is when buying a new bike so we’ve teamed up to offer you the best possible service.

To round it off we will give you £75 off a bike bought from Cycle Exchange within 1 month of doing Fit & Find!

About Cycling Performance

Cycling Performance offer Bike Fitting and Coaching Services in Kingston Upon Thames. Blending the use of technology and years of Bike Fitting experience, we work to meticulously to balance rider and bike, perfectly.

Whether you're a novice Cyclist or Triathlete looking to undertake your first event or aspiring to compete at a higher level, our comprehensive Bike Fit and Bespoke Coaching services cater to all levels.

Before you buy it

Get A Bike That Fits You