Protect your paintwork

Protects Against Chips & Dings

The durable plastic exterior offers quality and lasting protection from the road. Covering 95% of your bike frame whilst leaving bolts and other important access points unobscured, RideWrap is an under-the-radar bike saver.

10 Year Warranty

Unlike most protectors, RideWrap is guaranteed for 10 years against yellowing or cracking. The outcome? Your true colours show through even on the roughest of rides.

RideWrap X Cycle Exchange

We know just how much poorly treated paintwork can impact on a bike's value. That's why we've partnered with RideWrap to offer their bike protection in house. Custom cut to meet the measurements of any bike, any frame and any brand, Cycle Exchange is the perfect place to get your bike covered and cared for.

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RideWrap Tailored Protection – Gravel & Road Frame Kit