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Improving circularity in the cycling industry
You're already a driving force in combating road congestion, climate change, and promoting public health.

But what if you could make an even bigger impact?

As a Circularity Partner you can collaborate with us to revolutionize the cycling industry and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future. The journey starts now – are you in?

Product waste in the Cycling Industry is a significant problem.

Tackling Product Waste in Cycling:
The industry is struggling with excess waste from outdated models, incompatible parts, and idle stock. Let's address this pressing issue together.

Revitalize Unused Products:
Ex-demo, shop-soiled, and customer returns need better management. Join us to find effective solutions and maximize their potential.

Promote Bike Trade-Ins:
Customers aren't actively encouraged to trade in their old bikes. Let's change that and extend the life of every bicycle, promoting sustainability.

What We Can Offer

Transform Product Returns & Rejects
We expertly reprocess unpackaged or damaged items, maximizing their value for you. Turn valueless stock into profit, save time, and avoid disposal hassles.

Empower Customer Trade-Ins
Become a CE 'Trade In' partner, enabling customers to sell used or unwanted products to us while earning credit to spend at your store. Our automated pricing and acquisition process is fast and easy. Boost sales and avoid dealing with second-hand products.

Revive Outdated/Overstock Items
As resale specialists with a vast, relevant audience, we'll help you sell outdated or overstocked items seamlessly. Improve cash flow and prevent conflicts with new product sales.

Revolutionizing The Cycling Industry Since 2013

We're pioneers in acquiring, refurbishing, and reselling premium bicycles and parts, reshaping the UK's approach to bike usage and reuse. Our expertise in product life extension paves the way for a sustainable future across the industry.

With a state-of-the-art processing facility in SW London, UK-wide distribution, and a dedicated retail store for testing and collection, we've got you covered.
Experience our unmatched e-commerce prowess, high turnover omni-channel capabilities, and an engaged subscriber base that keeps growing. Join us in pedaling towards a greener tomorrow!