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The Small Print

Our Warranty Terms
CE provides a 3 month warranty (extended to 12months as specified in the product listing) from the fulfillment date of the product (received at delivery address or collected in store).

In the case of faulty or damaged product please inform us immediately. Cycle Exchange must be given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the product before any further action is taken to repair or resolve the identified issues.

If the issue identified is agreed as covered under the warranty, by default we require the return of the product. We have the option to repair the defective product, offer you a replacement product or refund the price of the defective product in full.

If you repair the product yourself, use the services of a services provider that is not pre-approved by CE, or if you use a replacement part not approved by CE, CE will not be liable for any damage, failure, repair costs or loss caused by the use of unauthorised service or parts. CE will have the option to repair or replace (with new or reconditioned parts of the same or similar specification), at no charge, a defective product.

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