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August 26, 2020

We are a re-sale partner for various race teams and events companies. Now is the best time of year to bag a bargain on pro level equipment that is being cleared before sponsors provide the new fleet for the next season.  As well as used bikes and wheels we also get spare bikes and wheels that are still box fresh or have very low mileage.  Don’t hang around for the spring sunshine as they’ll be gone by then.









This year we have the 2016 Cervelo S5 in sizes 48, 54, 56 and 58. A true superbike - arguably the fastest and most sought after road bike around - “cycling’s equivalent of a Lamborghini”.  It’s an aero bike you can ride all day - MTB Quebeka choose to use them even for the cobble strewn Tour of Flanders.  Available now from RCE with various build options from £3795 - a much more manageable price than new.

We also have the 2016 Cervelo R5 in sizes 48, 54, 56 and 58. Stiffer, lighter and more comfortable - with the R5 you can have all three. Cervelo’s classic race frame has aerodynamically tweaked “Squoval” tubing whilst maintaining a conventional look. A fast, light and stiff road bike at the top of it’s class - now from only £3295. Only at RCE.

As always we can offer these in custom configurations - get in touch if you want a different spec to those listed.  Both the S5 and R5 have the option of various EDCO wheelsets.

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