August 26, 2020

With RCE you get bike diversity - our buying model is open. We embrace unique and rare models and brands. We are not tied to individual suppliers, we operate freely and fluidly, always focussing on quality and value. Of course we will always be more heavily stocked in the popular brands and models because that’s what our customers want, but we do like to be somewhat representative of a broad and varied market place for quality road bikes. 

We like to expore the culture and heritage of certain companies. Here's two interesting companies one who prides itself on being headquartered in Asia at the heart of the carbon manufacturing process, and one who prides itself on it's manufacturing process not being in Asia.

Sarto -

Founded by Sarto Antonio, this company has been making custom bicycles since 1950. They make 2500 bike frames a year – all from Italy from their team of 15 people – they are in that small minority of 4% of carbon frames manufactured outside Asia. As a ‘Terzista’ they have made a lot of frames for other brands over the years and still do (eg Condor) but are now building up their own portfolio and are building a very good reputation. The Sarto Lampo recently appeared in the Road cycling UK top 100 (

Read the review and checkout the Sarto Lampo equipped with Campagnolo Super Record that we have in stock.


Founded by Mark Blewett and ex South African pro with a background in industrial design. They are a unique company in that they are actually headquartered in Asia where most carbon frames are manufactured. They claim this close relationship with the manufacturing process makes for a more controlled production and quality control process. They’ve been going 8 years and have 15 employees. They sponsor Australian Team Drapac.

We currently have this well equipped Swift Ultravox Team Issue Di2.

Bike Radar rated this bike 4.5/5 


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