Trek Domane

What our staff are riding: The big bosses bike check

Mar 14, 2022Dannielle Watkinson

'I was tired of the boneshaking, so opted for something more comfortable' 

Trek Domane

Matt changed to a Trek Domane SLR after having his bones and teeth shaken up by his Pinarello Dogma F12, he needed something more comfortable, yet still fast for the endurance rides he is doing. 

Are we allowed to say The Big Boss is crazy, we'll let you decide - he's opted to do the Majorca 312, for fun! All the comfort required. The question is, does Matt stick to the super comfy Domane for the 312, or does he swap to something lighter... 5000m of climbing is a lot.

'I spent all of last summer on a Dogma F12 Ineos edition, an amazing bike, super stiff and fast. It loved Richmond Park laps, but longer rides out to the Surrey hills could get a bit draining on the boneshaking and my teeth were starting to loosen. I had the North to Midlands three-day climbing ride coming up, so decided to opt for something with a bit more comfort - my Trek Domane SLR, great tech, super comfy with its IsoSpeed and T47 BB, internal storage, a little on the heavier side but an awesome custom paint job. 

I had it painted by Addicted Bikes and Ride Wrapped to protect the colour.' 

Equipment List

Sram Red AXS (paddle shift is a game changer)

Hunt Aerodynamisist Wheels - Road

Parcour Alta 605b - Off-road

Aelous RSL VR Bars

Trek Domane Carbon Seatpost 

 Trek Domane SLR Trek Domane SLRTrek Domane SLRTrek Domane SLRInterested in getting your hands on a Pinarello or Trek Domane SLR? Check out our current stock here to see if we can help. 

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