February 05, 2021

Time for a brew with a view?

With riding solo and staying local becoming the new normal in the UK, the daily exercise permission is a great opportunity to jump on your bike and immerse in natural surroundings. Just discover where the track takes you - it's a big draw and is now part of my daily routine.

If like me you miss the local coffee spin, then just go DIY and BYO. Bringing along a few extra bits on the ride is all you need to avoid the long and shiver inducing queue for a takeaway coffee. Go for nature rather than a manky bench seat on the high street.  Time to pack your stove and your sense of adventure in a quest for the best coffee spot, out of town.  

The concept is simple attach your frame bag, bar bag or larger saddle bag and pack with coffee, gas stove and cook pot, it’s also worth packing a down jacket and something to sit on to combat the frost bitten rear.

Avoid the queues... 

...and enjoy the views

Packed up for a coffee adventure - James' Rig

  • Kinesis Tripster AT
  • Sram Apex 1 HRD Groupset
  • Maxxis Ravager 40mm Tyres
  • Roswheel Road Seatpack,
  • Apidura Expedition Top Tube Pack
  • MSR Pocket Rocket Stove
  • Snowpeak Mug,
  • Aeropress Go

Along the way keep a lookout for a good spot to pull up - I like peace, quiet, a good view and no prevailing wind. The action of pausing and setting up your cooking gear in the great outdoors gives the ride a different purpose (small pleasures in these challenging times eh!). Gear is important - please listen...

Good things come in small packages (from left to right)

  1. A drybag with a folded small tarp provides a comfortable seat and protection form wet and or cold ground 
  2. A down jacket to throw on to keep warm while you water heats up 
  3. A gas cook set neatly packed together 

It is good to keep things simple and the titanium mug sits on the gas stove to heat the water, which is then added to the AeroPress Go and plunged into the same mug. A stretched silicone wristband around the top the mug prevents any hot lip issues. 

Above it’s all about getting out and enjoying the ride and the vibe and making the most of the adventures and freedom a gravel bike brings. A fresh alfresco coffee combined with a stunning view is the extra motivation I need to get out.  

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