Cannondale Supersix Evo Black Inc.

Cannondale Supersix Evo Black Inc.

Aug 26, 2020Simon Still

This one is a bit special. Cannondale might be more of a mass market brand than some we stock but many of us have soft spot for them based on their early use of oversized aluminium with smooth-filed welds. It was a unique look at the time. Technology has moved on but Cannondale's carbon frames retain clean, simple, lines that have their origins in those old alloy bikes. While the Supersix tubes have a subtle "truncated aero profile" the overall look is quite conventional. 

The Supersix is Cannondale's race all rounder. Available in various versions the Evo Black Inc sits right at the top of the range. The highest quality "ballistec" carbon (using technologies from body armour) with a mix of hi-mod and continuous fibres to tune different parts of the frame. Each framesize has a unique layup to ensure consistent ride quality across the range and frame stiffness optimised for stiffness without chatter. 

The focus with this model is on weight with the lightest possible parts used throughout - Shimano Dura Ace gearing, Cannondale's own carbon cranks, an Enve seatpost. We added the Lightweight  Meilenstein wheelset we have in stock and the bike tipped the scales at just 5.8kg in the 60cm size we've got in stock. Impressive.

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