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Buying a Used Bike and Why It’s Ideal

Getting your hands on a new bike is a special day, but one thats becoming more difficult every year with prices on the rise. We're here to talk you through some pros and cons of buying from the second-hand market.

Why You Should Get A Bike Fit

If you're having niggling pains whilst riding, or want to make sure you're buying the right sized bike before you hand over your cash, then a bike fit is 100% the place to start. In this blog James talks us through bike fits/

Thinking Of Joining A Cycling Club? Here's Why You Should.

Hazel talks us through her journey from joining a cycling club and how that has improved her riding and enjoyment of the sport.

Why Your Next Upgrade Should Be Carbon Wheels

The simplest and easiest way to maximise that is to upgrade your wheels from an alloy set to a carbon set. Parcours are our best selling wheel brand, so we wanted to show you the benefits that upgrading to carbon wheels can bring.

Top 5 Ways To Sell Your Second Hand Bike

We run you through the easiest and not so easiest ways you can sell your second hand bike.

What Makes Chris King Hubs So Special?

One of the best ways to upgrade your ride is wheels. We take a brief look at the best of the best - Chris King Hubs.

Buying A Second Hand Bike? Use This 5 Stage Process.

Whilst buying a second hand bike can potentially save you thousands of pounds off the original retail price, it can also come with significant risks. Here's our 5 stage process to run through when buying a second hand bike. Make sure you follow these before handing over the cash.

Two Bikes Into One: Our Custom Trek Domane SLR Gravel Build.

Matt talks us through his latest build; an off-road, on-road Domane SLR with interchangeable wheels.

Tour De France 2021: Cycle Exchange Preview

This year's Tour is really shaping up to be the best in a while.

We sat down with our staff and got their hot tips for this year’s Tour De France:

Pinarello Dogma F12 Ineos Review

Matt finally rides one of the great and most dominating road bikes that has ever existed; The Pinarello Dogma F12.

The Right Way To Restore A Classic Road Bike: Our 80's Woodrup Cycles Restoration

We just got this lovingly restored and resprayed 1980's Woodrup road bike in store and couldn't help but write up a little blog on the bike itself and the brand.

Cycle Exchange’s Guide To Bicycle Gearing

When it comes to buying your new bike there are so many different options when it comes to spec choice that it can be quite the minefield. Bicycle gearing is perhaps the biggest and most complicated one of those mines with different brands, all with different groupsets, all at different speeds,mechanical or electronic, etc - if you don't already know the key differences between groupsets then it's easy to get lost. In this blog we strip back those complexities and offer a simple and basic guide to modern bicycle gearing.

Mechanical Disc Brakes – Are They Dead?

Disc brakes are the dominant force in cycling tech right now, but should you go mechanical or hydraulic? In this blog we talk about the benefits that mechanical disc brakes might have to offer over the now traditional hydraulic systems.

Trek Madone, Emonda, Domane - Whats The Difference Anyway?

Trek are a huge company, both on the high street and in the peloton. Given the size of the company they naturally produce a huge and diverse collection of bicycles across almost all disciplines. In this blog we're going to take a quick look at the three main offerings they have for road cycling; the Madone, Domane, and Emonda.

Covid Lockdown Survival Guide - James' Top Tips for a Solo Coffee Adventure

Lockdown, winter, and Covid combine to provide serious challenges to the prospects of riding this year. But James has been on a mission to enjoy a #brewwithaview and documents one of his winter gravel rides for us in this blog.

Chris Hall Rides Team Sunweb Cervelo S5 Dream Build

Hot on the tails of Francis Cade's mouth watering Wilier MTB build, this week we had the pleasure of building up another super bike for one of our favourite cycling bloggers, podcasters, endurance athletes, and all-round lovable guy Chris Hall.

How To Pack Your Bike

Over the years we’ve pretty much nailed the art of packing up a bike into a cardboard box and shipping it safely. There’s a certain art to it for sure, but ultimately there are some very simple steps to success that you can follow in order to guarantee your bike gets there in one piece. In this blog we talk you through the packing process.

Building Francis Cade's MTB

Bike build projects are our favourite part of life at Cycle Exchange . From sublime spec Pinarello F10 builds to the raddest of Transition builds, we’ve done them all. Last week we had our favourite YouTuber Francis Cade instore to build up his latest bike, A Wilier 110 FX Carbon XC MTB.

Cycling in 2021: What We're Looking Forward To

2020 was a write off for many people, but 2021 looks to be a whole different tale. With the potential to travel again and ride in new places back on the table we ask the team in store what their plans for cycling in 2021 are.

Our Bikes Of The Year: 2020

So it’s that time of year again where we all start to look back and pick out our favourite moments, products, and memories. Despite 2020 not going to plan, shall we say, as far as new bike tech goes there have been some real highlights. Here’s our bikes of the year list for 2020!

Why Your Next Bike Should Be A Used One

Used bikes don't have to mean a fraut Ebay exchange, in fact they offer greater value and push your money a lot further than it would go with something new. In this blog we take a deep dive into the many benefits of buying a used bike over a new one.

The Cycle Exchange Bicycle Size Guide

Let us help you find the right bike size with our one-stop-shop blog post that explains bike sizing to the best of our knowledge with over 7 years of selling bicycle experience!


We Need To Talk About The Cervelo Aspero

We take a quick dive in to the near perfection that is the Cervelo Aspero gravel bike.

A New Look

With their latest 795 Blade RS, Look have finally managed to combine their rich history with a rich riding experience that doesn’t disappoint.

Titanium Is On The Rise! But We Ask...Why Ti?

We take a look at titanium and it's properties. Could this be your next frame?

The Cycle Exchange Sustainability Pledge

Looking to the future with our own green pledge and sustainbility drive!

The Cervelo range reviewed by Cycle Exchange

Josh and Jamie's January build recommendations...

Parcours Wheels - What We Learned In The Wind Tunnel

Parcours' Brand New Disc Brake Specific Strade Wheel #thinkwider

The All New Sram Red Etap AXS 12 Speed Madone SLR Disc

Josh and Jamie's Disc or Non-Disc Dilemna - The Ultimate Climbing Bikes

Transition Bikes available now through Cycle Exchange.

Introducing GoCycle!

Power Meters - Information Over Load

Trek - Race Shop Limited - Race Tested

February Newsletter - A 4.81kg bike at under half price. Adventure, Cross and Gravel. Emonda disc, Scott Contessa disc, F8, S5 Etap, Scapin Classic.

Disc brakes - our view

Tour De France 2019 - Our Favourites

Staff picks - Giant TCR SL1 Disc - the not so cool kid at the top table

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