Bike Check: Trek Madone SLR 7 Gen 7

Bike Check: Trek Madone SLR 7 Gen 7

Apr 05, 2023Will Blackmore


The Col de la Madone - It's got a bit of a reputation. Back in the early thousands, it was a haunt of elite cyclists - the ones compelled to set up in Monaco due to being well remunerated for their GC potential. Well, over the pond in Wisconsin USA, the folks at Trek were working out how to make a super lightweight climbing machine. Their formula chucked out a lightweight uphill frame, that came to be known as the Madone.

There's been a bit of time between then and now - and the creep from aerodynamics has brought fundamental change on that weight weenie format - to a point that since 2015, the Madone has been Trek's go to aero bike. 

For 2023, however, Trek have taken a bit of a leap - and they've been toying with some fundamentals of the bike. Namely, the seat tube. In the pursuit of aero, this bike does away with the conventional and imports things we've not seen before.

So - with a Madone SL7 Gen 7 in front of us, we thought we'd talk through the major point of interest - that updated tube. 


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