Why you Should Buy a Used Bike

Why you Should Buy a Used Bike

Feb 08, 2023Will Blackmore

Buying a second hand bike is unique for one key reason - you’re the engine. Whilst this means a bike can go as fast and as far as you can, it means that so long as the frame and components are structurally sound and functioning - your limits are boundless.

The biggest barriers to buying second hand bikes are often trust and knowledge. How can you be sure that it’s going to work? Who are you buying from? What do you need to be looking for? These are all legitimate questions, but they’re easily addressed and overcome if you know what you’re looking for.

That being so, we’ve gone ahead and compiled our top 6 reasons you should consider a used bike from Cycle Exchange, and give you some pointers along the way to help you know what you can expect.

1.Get more for less.

It’s that simple. The big brands, the top of the line tech, the dream spec - a pre-owned bike helps you and your money go further. Always wanted a Colnago? Really like the look of an ENVE wheelset? Well - maybe it’s closer than you think.

Whether it’s an ex-team bike, a gravel guzzler or an elegant titanium tourer, our selection of premium bikes are serviced to perform as new - meaning that you can put your savings towards your next big adventure.

2. Make cycling more sustainable.

Bikes in Cycle Exchange

Riding a bike is great for the planet, but making bikes isn’t. Global supply chains and complex carbon manufacture are energy intensive, whilst carbon fibre itself isn’t widely recyclable. This means extracting every mile out of a bike matters in reducing or even offsetting its footprint.

While manufacturers are focused on selling to cyclists, we go back to the cyclists. By finding the choicest pre-owned bikes and getting them back on the road for years to come, we’re doing our best to help build a more sustainable cycle industry. Your new-to-you bike helps us do just that.

 3. Save yourself some scrolling time

Premium second hand bikes


Understanding bikes isn’t always as easy as riding them. Our experts know what to look for in a listing, get to the bottom of the tech spec and spot the compatibility problems that you might otherwise miss. By retaining a high bar for the second hand bikes we choose, we separate the wheat from the chaff. If it’s on Cycle Exchange, it’s a quality bike. Oh - and, best of all, if you don’t want to visit our store, we can deliver.

4. Professionally inspected and Cytech serviced.

Cytech mechanic at work

We all know how it goes. The shiny new bike may have been bought with a goal in mind, but life has other plans. At Cycle Exchange, we take great care in the bikes we select, inspect and service to make sure that your experience feels anything but second-rate. With integrity checks by Carbon Bike Repair and build conducted in-house by Cytech qualified mechanics, we take the admin out of browsing for your next bike. What you get is something you can trust from the moment it leaves the shop.

5. Full Cycle Exchange warranty.

In-store at Cycle Exchange Kingston


Our service doesn’t stop at the shop though. Bikes are for riding, and at Cycle Exchange, we give you every confidence to get out there right away. Each bike comes protected with at least a 3 month warranty, while bikes over £3995 are covered for one full year. Where possible, bikes are sold with their manufacturer’s warranty - so you’re covered whatever happens further down the road.

6. No bluster, just bikes.



We’re totally brand agnostic. Yes - we all have our favourites, and sure, there’s always someone talking about Italian dream bikes, but at the end of the day, the premium pre-owned bikes we sell come directly from riders - not brands. We’re not giving you the latest spiel about stiffness or aero efficiencies over last year’s model because we don’t have to. We sell quality bikes with honesty and integrity, and that’s perhaps the best possible service we could offer.

So...where do I start looking?

Convinced? Our stock of bikes is constantly updating. Take a look at the latest models available online and in store - and if you’ve already got something in mind, talk to our experts today.


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