Why Even Consider Metal Over Carbon? Our Guide To Aluminium, Steel & Titanium Bikes

Why Even Consider Metal Over Carbon? Our Guide To Aluminium, Steel & Titanium Bikes

Jun 20, 2024Jamie Toy

3 Reasons We Love Metal Frames...

Carbon Fibre is probably the most common material that our bikes are made of, and of course we love it. Light, stiff and endlessly shapeable to suit a multitude of needs, so why do we even consider metal as an option still?
This week we're bringing you some metal bikes and explaining why in many cases, they're better than their carbon cousins.

1. Aesthetics

While carbon bike designs are often shaped by the demands of racing, leading to harsh lines, funky waves, and even holes in tubes, metal bikes enjoy more freedom from these constraints. This allows them to be designed with aesthetics in mind rather than just performance. 
Many cyclists choose steel and alloy bikes for their classic 'diamond' silhouettes, skinny tube profiles, and distinctive finishes. Handmade in small production runs, these bikes are crafted and finished to a standard that truly sets them apart. 
It is the small details and craftsmanship, rather than bold lines, that make each frame uniquely special to its owner.

condor italia road bike

2. Value For Money

Put simply, steel and aluminium bike frames are often the cheapest you can buy. Their relative ease of manufacture and low cost of raw materials makes them a great value option, often buying you a higher end product for less. 
A designer can make them more sophisticated than carbon bikes at a similar price point making them an excellent choice for a second (or third) bike, be it for commuting, gravel riding or winter training. Keeping your carbon race machine safe from the rigours of daily riding.

rondo gravel bike

3. Innovation

Hear us out on this one - carbon fibre may be at the cutting edge of performance but we already know about metals and how to use them. This means teams can put their time into experimenting with the characteristics of a frame and how to best suit it to riding styles.
Small businesses making unique products to suit niche markets have spurred a massive trend towards variation and specialisation, giving huge choice to the consumer.
We are seeing brands pushing the limits of a market because they are able to change and advance their bikes much faster than their carbon counterparts, also meeting the current needs of their customers and not a marketing team's 3 year plan.

curve gravel bike

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