Transition Bikes available now through Cycle Exchange.

Transition Bikes available now through Cycle Exchange.

Aug 26, 2020Jamie Toy

Transition Bikes started 16 years ago with the simple philosophy of making a true rider owned company that was approachable and open to its customers. Over the years, this dedication still resonates and they have come to be a much loved brand worldwide. In their own words:

'We believe in simple designs that balance form and function, that allow riders to connect with our products. No smoke and mirrors, no marketing hype, just a great bike from a company that loves what they do so we can all have a party in the woods.'

Thanks to our recent integration with The Bicycle Service, this great brand is now available to Cycle Exchange customers. This means that not only is their full range available with us but we can also offer part exchange, finance and all the cycle to work schemes as well.

Matt who heads up our workshop was team mechanic for FMD racing and featured on the development team of the TR11. So him, the rest of the workshop and our sales team know Transition intimately and it is great to finally bring them under Cycle Exchange's expanding range of brands.

The Range  

The Patrol is the versatile do it all rounder in the range, winner of bike of the year and Transition’s most popular bike. With plenty of travel and on 27.5” wheels it’s as supple as a downhiller without losing the ability to hammer out the miles. Comes with carbon and alloy options. The latest version has the coil rear shock, the previous version is still widely available.  

TR11 is their latest downhill bike with 200mm of travel front and back available as frame and full build in carbon only. Ridden on the World Cup circuit this bike is tried and tested in the heat of the battle. The TR11 has stacked up 7 World Cup pro podium wins underneath Tahnee Seagrave and proven itself as one of the top downhill machines on the market. The all carbon frameset is extremely light and stiff and takes minimal effort to move the bike where you want it to go. Almost feels like cheating. The TR11 is also extremely playful for days you want to switch from race track to bike park.  

 The Sentinel is an all round trail bike with long travel on 29" wheels. The bike is renowned for it's ability on fast descents and challenging trails, with a long wheelbase and super balanced geometry. The bike comes in Alloy or Carbon full bike build or frameset.   

The Smuggler is their mid travel 29er trail bike, a go-to bike for long distance rides. With 120mm rear travel and 140mm front, it is also lightweight and has great handling. Despite the relatively short travel it still has the silkiness and muscle you need when pushing hard downhill, supple and lively and always supportive. Available in Carbon full bike and frameset or alloy frameset.  

The Scout is their mid travel do anything bike. The perfect well-mannered trail bike that can easily become a technical downhiller - and evything else in between.. The 130/150mm travel combination equals versatility and fun. Comes in alloy with 27.5" wheels.

What We Offer

We have a steady stream of both new and used Transitions instore. Both framesets and full bikes are available and builds/specs can be done to suit any budget. Get in touch today to start your journey with Transition or speak to one of our sales team about the full range.

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