Our Bikes Of The Year: 2020

Our Bikes Of The Year: 2020

Dec 23, 2020Jamie Toy

So it’s that time of year again where we all start to look back and pick out our favourite moments, products, and memories. Despite 2020 not going to plan, shall we say, as far as new bike tech goes there have been some real highlights. Here’s our bikes of the year list for 2020!

Trek Madone SLR

It’s so easy for us to put this one at the top of our list. Not only is it somehow incredibly comfy to ride but also one of the most. Aerodynamic bikes out there on the market today. It is by far the bike we have sold the most of in the past year, whether that be down to the enduring quality of Trek bikes or simply how stunning they look.

2020 saw the introduction of the T47 bottom bracket standard for the Madone too which has done the impossible; improve an already near perfect machine. But near perfect is how we would have to describe the older Madone SLRs that featured Trek’s very own BB90 press fit bottom brackets. We with introduction of T47 and the re-introduction of a threaded BB the new Madone shows that even though Trek are a massive company, they’re still willing to listen to the public and make changes for the better.

Check out this stunning 2021 Trek Madone SLR 7 Disc, Shimano Ultegra Di2, Size 56cm

Trek Emonda SLR

To top off a great year for Trek, we also had to include their brand new Emonda SLR in our top bikes of the year.

The role of the ‘Lightweight Climber’ has been somewhat neglected in recent years, with the advent of disc brakes making weight a less important factor in the bike as well as the push for more aerodynamic designs. It really was starting to seem as though the light weight climbers were doomed to the history book.

However, 2020 has seen the lightweight climber completely remake itself in the image of its competitors without losing any of it’s original appeal. The new Emonda features aero carbon tubing, disc brakes, sleek integrated cabling, and that much celebrated T47 BB standard, all whilst still only coming in at a frame weight of less than 700g – yes you read that right.

Why not check out this 2021 Trek Emonda SLR 7 Disc, Sram Force AXS, Size 50cm?

Specialized Tarmac SL7

This one was a long time coming for many people, and also one of the worst kept secrets in new bike launches for quite some time now. Specialized’s core offering of the Tarmac and the Venge were, by 2020, starting to look a little dated and in need of a serious refresh. I don’t think anyone quite expected what happened next.

This year Specialized launched their completely remade Tarmac Sl7, combining the aero of the Venge with the lightweight pedigree of the Tarmac, doing away with the Venge in the process. This was a bold move from the brand and firmly put the lightweight climber back in the limelight. We look to 2021 to see what Specialized bring out to replace the Venge, and also hope to get one of the bonkers new Aethos in store too. Until then we’ll continue to admire the sleek aero lines of the Tarmac.


Cervelo Aspero

2020 could arguably be called the year of Gravel, with every passing day allowing gravel to creep more and more into the limelight within cycling. And so, we couldn’t do our end of year bike list without mentioning the Cervelo Aspero. 

We’ve written before on the Aspero and how much of a fan we are of it in the shop. It’s stylish, incredibly practical, and really just one of the coolest bikes you can buy at the minute. Whether you kit it out with 650b mega wide tyres and framebags for an all weekend gravel marathon, or you simply throw some road+ tyres on there so you can shake up your regular routes and go on some slightly different trails, you can be sure in the knowledge that the Aspero will exceed at everything you throw its way.

You can read our in depth blog on the Aspero here

Or view this Team Sunweb Aspero we have in stock here


Look 795 Blade RS Disc

This one resolutely wins the best looking bike we’ve had in the shop of the year. What a stunner! With sleek aero lines, a stunning blue paint job and an equally good looking set of Hunt carbon wheels, the Look 795 Blade RS Disc is a real eye catcher.

Considering the beefy nature of its aero carbon profiling, the bike comes in at a respectable 8.1kg. We also particularly enjoy these modern Look bikes, the way they look and how they’re made. Although thy don’t quite get the market share here in the UK that they perhaps deserve, we’re hoping to see plenty more of them out on our rides over 2021.

Check out the bike here

Read our in depth blog on the Look 795 Blade RS Disc here

So how did we do? We look forward to seeing what new bikes arrive on the scene next year!

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