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March 18, 2021

There is something so timeless about a classic steel road bike. For many people, they represent a golden era of cycling, for others a golden era of engineering. Beautifully hand-made with small embellishments and touches across the frame that ooze a bespoke and unique style.

We just got this lovingly restored and resprayed 1980's Woodrup road bike in store and couldn't help but write up a little blog on the bike itself and the brand.

Woodrup Cycles

Woodrup Cycles was founded in 1949, and has been handcrafting its bikes at its home in Leeds for over 70 years! Even today’s generation of frame builders use the same traditional methods as their forebears. This bike in particular was built for a close friend of the Woodrup family, a man with a great passion for cycling. He would regularly marshal at big races, rubbing shoulders with icons of the sport. Sadly the bikes original owner has now passed away, but in his honour the bike has been lovingly restored with a full re-spray and re-conditioned components.

Our Woodrup

There’s no doubt modern bikes are impressive with their complex carbon-fibre layups and laser cut components; however it’s hard to beat the beauty of a lovingly handcrafted bicycle. Our Woodrup features some beautiful touches such as the hand filed frame lugs, the Brooks leather saddle and a multitude of shiny Campagnolo Gran Sport parts.

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, we’ll leave the pictures to do the talking from here..

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