Factory Second Bikes – Spend Less, Get More

Factory Second Bikes – Spend Less, Get More

Feb 25, 2022Dannielle Watkinson

Have you ever heard the term ‘factory second’ when it comes to buying a bike? We often have people asking what the term truly means and what the benefit of choosing one of those bikes is, allow us to give you some insight.

Factory seconds – what does it mean?

A factory second is a bike that we have bought from a manufacturer, often these bikes are ex-display bikes, ex-test ride bikes or ex-team bikes – sometimes you can even get your hands on a professionals old race bike i.e. they used it for one season and something has changed - the team colour or sponsor has changed so the team are getting rid of the bikes… crazy really, such high end bikes can become available to anyone, and they come with a little claim to fame.

A range of Factory Second bikes.

Pros of a factory second bike 

  • Instantly a good deal – a high quality bike and for a fraction of the price, no waiting around because it’s on order, no faffing getting it from another country because it’s available immediately
  • Well maintained
  • They often barely have any miles on the clock
  • Practically a brand-new bike for a fraction of the cost
  • Usually you are the first ‘official’ owner
  • Get more bike for less money
  • They come with a full manufacturer’s warranty
  • They usually have the best equipment you could ask for
  • A way to buy the bike you want for cheaper
  • Could have a little claim to fame and previous pro riders name somewhere (removable of course)
  • Could be a limited-edition colour-way, or one that only the pros had access too
  • Sometimes pros bikes are specially made for size, so you may be able to get your hands on a bike, literally nobody else will have
  • Pro bikes are sometimes made and manufactured differently to the equivalent bike that has been made available for the public
  • Fully serviced and checked over before being sold

Cons of a factory second bike

  • Occasionally they may have some blemishes
  • They can be a slightly more expensive option for a second-hand bike
  • This isn’t a common option with many shops
  • At Cycle Exchange, we only have this deal with a few brands
  • We don’t always have them in stock and when they are, they sell extremely quickly

Factory second bikes aren’t just for road bikes, but also; gravel bikes and mountain bikes... you name it, chances are you could get your hands on the type of bike you want.

All Disciplines of Bikes

Of course, buying a factory second means you can’t customise the colour before purchase – but you can have it custom painted after purchase, and you can’t customise the equipment you have on it before purchase however, you can often buy a factory second and upgrade the equipment gradually, while making some money toward it, by selling the equipment that the bike was purchased with.

The most important thing to remember is you’ll get more bike for less instantly – who really needs another reason to give it a whirl?

As well as this being a quality option for those wanting a top spec bike with peace of mind via the warranty and fully inspected guarantee, it’s also a good option economically and links back to why you should buy a used bike – see our blog.

Here at Cycle Exchange, we regularly get factory seconds of all sorts. If there is a specific bike you’re looking for, give us a call to discuss it further – maybe we have something suitable, or maybe we can help you decide on a specific bike and spec. We could also help you decide what bike you need - give this blog a read for more information. 

Happy Cycling CE Legends.  


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