The CE Guarantee

That new bike feeling

What Is The CE Guarantee?

At Cycle Exchange we want used bikes to ride like new ones.

So any bike that's been used goes through our New Bike Feeling (NBF) 100 point check.

From there our qualified mechanics give each bike a full service, replacing parts identified in the NBF check as worn out.

Our 100 Point Check


All our bikes and framesets are thoroughly checked over by professionals. With carbon frames, this means checking for cracks and structural damage. For metal frames we check for dents and other corrosive damages.


We check every single part of the groupset and replace anything neccesary with new parts. This means that after our service the bike will ride as new.


When we service wheels we check for damage to the rim, as well as service the hubs where neccesary. If tyres or spokes need replacing, this is done with new parts.

Finishing Kit

The last part of the bike we service is the finishing kit. This means making sure every bolt is done up to a correct torque and is in the right place.

Test Ride

Finally, our mechanics take the bike for a brief ride in order to firmly make sure that everything is working as it should be.

Our Warranty

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