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August 26, 2020

A European Championship, five national titles, the first rider to win green jersey in the Tour de France in his first five attempts (and may well have been six if not for his questionable disqualification this year). Peter Sagan is still just 27 years old and his win in the Grand Prix Cycliste de Quebec earlier this month increased his count to 100 professional victories. On Saturday he became the first to ever take three consecutive world championship titles and the youngest to take a hat-trick. He's undoubtably one of the finest riders of his generation.  

Having started his career as a mountain biker when he decided the Rio Olympics Road course was too hilly for him to win he accrued enough points to qualify for the Slovakian MTB team and raced MTB for his country instead. A flamboyant personality with a riding style to match if he’s not bunny-hopping street furniture in the middle of the peloton or pulling a wheelie over the summit of Alp d’Huez he’s making a training video homage to Rocky.

Specialized celebrated his second world championship win  with a typically flamboyant special edition bike. Taking their top of the range S-Works Tarmac they’ve given it a rainbow glitter background and rainbow camouflage highlights, then added a gold head tube badge for good measure. It’s about as subtle as the man himself.

The Tarmac S-Works is as good as you’d expect from the big S - by meaure of total individual wins the most successful bike on the professional circuit (it helps if you sponsor a lot of riders!). Built around an enormous downtube shaped to smooth airflow after it passes the headtube and crown, an oversized bottom bracket and chunky stays it’s designed to transfer all rider input into forward motion. A 27.2 seatpost gives a bit of flex for seated comfort. Handling is as sharp and responsive as you’d expect with ‘rider first engineering’ changing the geometry slightly with each size to match handling to rider size.

Our example comes with a suitably high end build - Dura Ace Di2 and Enve Wheelset and we’re selling it at just half the original price - save £5000!

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