RideWrap - Protect Your Bike At Cycle Exchange

RideWrap - Protect Your Bike At Cycle Exchange

Feb 21, 2023Will Blackmore

At Cycle Exchange, we’re in the business of second hand bikes, so we know precisely the resale value that can be lost through chips, dings and scrapes. In fact - it’s one of the most common causes we refuse bikes.

That means, when it comes to keeping your bike in order and ensuring it retains its resale value, protecting that paintwork is crucial.

Happily, we’ve partnered with RideWrap to offer installation of their patented and transparent protection for bikes - ensuring your ride retains an immaculate condition, regardless of how carefree you are when propping it up at the café.

Born out of the mountain biking scene in B.C, RideWrap is fitted easily either at home or in store by our qualified fitter.

How does it work?

RideWrap cuts its clear protective strips to the specific size and shape of your bike. Using proprietary information on frame shapes, you benefit from coverage as high as 95% of your bike's external surface.

This means that you benefit from a near invisible fit that’s perfectly mapped to the beautiful contours of your aero road machine, that delicately blends into the original paintwork whilst ensuring that you’ll not be chipping it, regardless how much gravel you start chucking up on the trail.

Custom modelled and produced for any shape of current bike, any make or model, these transparent strips mount to your bike’s paintwork, protecting it from scrapes and other impacts - and.

How do I get my bike Covered?


You are now able to book your bike in to have RideWrap fitted here at Cycle Exchange in Kingston.

If you’re buying a bike through the Cycle Exchange, you can select to have the RideWrap fitted as an additional (highly recommended) service.

Once covered, you’ll be able to collect your bike directly from our shop or receive it delivered to your door, ready to ride.

How do I remove it?

Much like your screen protector on your phone, the covers aren’t themselves adhesive - so you don’t need to fear gunking up your bike with sticky residue post removal. They simply peel off neatly with a little application of heat.

What does it cost?

A RideWrap service add on to a purchased bike at Cycle Exchange will cost around £300 - a drop in the ocean versus the cost of repairing any paintwork or stripping your bike to get it protected.

Alternatively, you can get it fitted at the same time as your full service - simply book your bike in with our workshop experts and we'll make sure we get it turned around sharpish.

Sign me up?

Happily - just hit the button to get in touch with us and find out more.

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