Power Meters - Information Over Load

Power Meters - Information Over Load

Aug 26, 2020Matt Connelly

OK, so you've started to become obsessed with the power reading on the Wattbike. When it's winter and you have to endure the "pain cave", then anything to relieve the boredom and provide some motivation and a distraction from numb legs and tomato head can only be good.  Or perhaps you've tried using a heart rate monitor and realised the limitations - heart rate is affected by hydration, stress and lack of sleep amongst other things.  A power meter gives a much more instant and reliable measure of the work you're doing. That's a big advantage whether pacing yourself over a time trial or sportive or looking to maximise the efficiency of your training - there's a reason the pros almost all ride with them. 

So you're sold on the advantages but which one should you choose? Have a quick search around the usual cycling websites will find lots of articles and product comparisons. The journey will also lead you to the specialist companies which focus on power products and power associated training. BikeRadar has a good comparison of the main options for measuring power on the bike including a video that shows live testing the major brands against each other.

We picked up some used Dura Ace 9000 SRM Power Cranks and some PC8 Head Units from a race team. The SRM is the "grandaddy" of power meters and still considered the most reliable and most acccurate. Now you can get one for much cheaper price than the usual £2195 SRP.  We're selling our stock at just £1195 for the power crank and £395 for the PC8 Head Unit (£700 SRP). That's a 45% saving on the best product on the market.  We've also got a number of bikes in stock with power meters fitted.  

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