Ever ridden track? Stunning Pinarello Track bikes at RCE.

Ever ridden track? Stunning Pinarello Track bikes at RCE.

Aug 26, 2020Simon Still

We have two rather special track bikes in stock at the moment.  Both from Pinarello. 

The Pista is a classic aluminium frame with carbon fork. Ours is a complete bike with a very fine American Classic wheelset and sculptural 3T bars.  Sized 54cm (a medium/large) it's never been ridden in anger and it's 1/3 off retail price.

The MAAT  is something else entirely with unique, hugely oversized, carbon tubing and a wide legged fork with vertical anti-flex columns. In a red/black colourway this will build into a striking looking bike. Sized as a 47cm (eq to a 54) it's never been ridden and we have it at 40% off list price.

If you've never ridden on the track then you really should give it a go. The idea of riding on steeply banked track on a fixed wheel bike with no brakes in a tight bunch of riders might seem terrifying but it's a massive thrill and you quickly get a feel for it. Anyone who considers themselves a cyclist should try it at least once. You'll be lucky if you can leave it at that - it's addictive.

Luckily it's never been easier in the UK. In South London we're lucky enough to have the outdoor track at Herne Hill which dates back to 1891 and was the cycling venue for the 1948 Olympics. It's been in regular use ever since and is where Bradley Wiggins started riding aged 12. By 2010 it had fallen into serious disrepair due to a lack of investment with the Pavilion condemned and the track crumbling. That's all changed now after a successful campaign which led to a long lease, a resurfaced track in 2011 and a new Pavilion designed by the same architects as the 2012 Olympic velodrome nearing completion. 

Riding indoors on a timber track is an experience all of its own with an unmistakable rumble as the tyres roll over the boards. The Velodrome at Stratford, built for London 2012, is an a beautiful building and world class indoor track. There are also competition grade Velodromes in Newport, Manchester, Glasgow and Derby as well as a number of outdoor tracks around the country. 

All tracks offer beginners and taster sessions and some will allow you to rent the entire track for a group of friends and provide a coached session. It's a lot of fun.  

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