Payment Terms & Conditions

When accepting a quote for your bike or parts from Cycle Exchange you agree to the following.

Price quoted is based on our assessment from initial submission including photos that were included.  Please note that in the below circumstances, but not limited to, we may need to reprice or decline the purchase following inspection which may incur a charge back on collection costs (£75). To avoid such situations please review and confirm acceptance. If in doubt, please contact the team at with any additional relevant information.

  • Bike is supplied clean and charged (where applicable) to enable full inspection
  • All appropriate chargers are supplied in working condition
  • No change from original submission to the spec or condition
  • Damage to the bike should be declared or pictured prior to accepting the quote. A damaged carbon frame will usually mean we are unable to purchase the bike.

Our inspection of the bike involves checking that it is in full working order and fit for resale. In refurbishing a bike for resale, we absorb the cost of a service and the replacement of parts and associated labour charge up to 5% of the value being paid for the bike. Parts and labour costs beyond 5% will be deducted from the proceeds. You have the right to decline the sale if you do not want to absorb the charges, but you may be liable for a £75 cancelled collection fee if we are collecting from you.

If you are part exchanging a bike and subsequently cancel your order, we reserve the right to return the part exchange if it has not sold. There may be a charge for the return of £75. If it has sold and you cancel the order, we will only apply the credit for an 'outright sale' and not a 'part exchange sale'.

Once inspection is completed, we will contact you for payment details. You must provide UK Bank A/C details and ID in the form of a driving license or passport to enable payment which will be made within one working day. Note bikes dropped off or picked up at the weekend or on a public holiday can not be paid for until the next working day.