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August 26, 2020

With the CAAD 12 in their line up Cannondale are fairly lonely as a major manufacturer offering a true race thoroughbred with an aluminium chassis. 'Cannondale Advanced Aluminium Design' sees smooth welding at it's finest and with some glorious paint schemes you think you are looking at a carbon frame.
These bikes are stiff and fast and light (with the right build of course). Our featured example has the Hollogram SL wheels, Spiderrings on the Hollogram chain set, Cannondale carbon bars and post and Ultegra parts. In a 58cm this is 7.25kg rig and can go lighter.
Carbon devotees will be pleasantly surprised at the zip and handling you get from this bike whilst still feeling different, you just know you are on metal even though it doesn't give the harsh bumpy ride you get with alu frames of less pedigree.
The 'speed save micro suspension technology' help smooth out the ride, the built up BB30a bottom bracket stiffens things up and the braze on disc mounts provide strong stopping capability. All sounds good right ?

OK so most people wouldn't drop their all day carbon endurance bike for this but for many of our customers, who are devotees to the CAAD, this is their primary do it all bike. If you are lucky enough to have the space and budget for two road bikes then a CAAD plus and endurance carbon frame like the Domane would be a winning combo (IMO).

So prevolent in the late 90's with Cippolini and the Seaco team lighting up professional racing this looks so retro (even though it doesn't feel that long ago eeek). The custom paint job was done by Fat Creations for one of our partner companies. The wheels are the top shelf Hollogram SL Carbon version bringing together a superb package for £3145, fully warrantied.

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