August 26, 2020

Wheels are usually the most effective upgrade you can make to a bike.  It’s an easy place for manufacturers to economise when building a bike to a price point and some very expensive bikes come with low cost wheels in the expectation that the buyer will have their own favoured set. We often price our bikes without a wheelset to allow you to select the most appropriate for your use.

A wheel upgrade can have a dramatic effect on how your bike feels.  Saving weight here will make your bike feel more lively as it will be easier to accelerate.  Deeper section aero wheels cut better through the air and require less effort to maintain your speed. Research has shown that this aero impact is a large benefit to mere mortals - you don’t need to be travelling at pro pace to feel the effects.

Tubeless technology is starting to make significant inroads in the road market after becoming standard for mountain biking over the last decade. Removing the tube reduces rolling resistance (as the friction between tube and tyre has gone) and allows lower pressures without the risk of pinch flats. Adding sealant to tubeless tyres means small punctures fix themselves. The benefits on road aren’t as clear cut as off and even the committed mountain bikers in our team are yet to convert their road bikes.

For many years pretty much all road bikes were fitted with 23mm tyres but recent years have seen 25mm become near standard with many riding 28mm, particularly on Sportive bikes. Wider tyres allow reduced pressures which means more comfort but wider tyres also have improved rolling resistance. With the tyre being able to deform around irregularities in the road surface rather than bouncing off you also conserve more energy. Wider tyres take a better shape on a wider rim. Aerodynamically it’s also best if the wheel rim matches  the tyre width to ensure the smoothest airflow  

We've just received new stock of high end wheelsets from Reynolds and Mavic.  These include a set of the amazing Reynolds RZR 46 which we’re selling at 50% of the RRP of £4000! There are also big savings on the Reynolds Strike and Assault wheelsets.

From Mavic we’ve got Cosmic Pro Carbon SL and R-Sys wheelsets. Also check out our deals on lightly used EDCO wheelsets with £500 off RRP.

Check our current stock here -


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