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August 26, 2020

This week Pinarello launched the latest version of their aero-optimised race bike - the Dogma F10 - and we’re taking the opportunity to have a deeper look at the brand. The previous generation, the Dogma F8, has been one of the world’s most desirable bikes since it was released in 2014 and remains a customer favourite - they always sell quickly.

Italian brand Pinarello was formed in 1952 and their bikes were ridden a succession of Tour de France and Giro d’Itailia since the late 1980’s and under the Tour de France winner every year from 1991 to 1997. During the monocoque years before the UCI restricted frame designs they produced some properly wacky looking (race winning) frames. Their Hall of Fame is well worth a look. More recently of course, Pinarello have provided bikes to Team Sky since the team was formed resulting is a string of major races being won on their bikes over recent years.  As with the F8, Pinarello and Team Sky worked closely together on the development of the F10.

The Dogma F8 looked quite radically different from the previous generation Dogma 65.1 but the changes from the F8 to the F10 are a lot more subtle, at least at first glance.  The new frame keeps the aero seat tower and integrated seat clamp.The “Flatback” downtube is carried over from the F8 as well although the inner face is now hollowed out to smooth the airflow around the bottle cages (which it seems may impinge on someone else's patent!). As before the frame is an asymmetric design to counteract forces from the chainset and gears to give a more balanced ride.  

There are various other tweaks to the aerodynamics, a small weight reduction, and full integration of Di2 parts with the control box now being within the frame rather than under the stem.

The story here is evolution rather than revolution which means the F8 remains a great buy. It’s going to be some time until F10s are seen much outside the pro peloton and the price of the new frame is even higher that the F8 at close to £5000.

The F8 remains one of the finest bikes you can buy - built to be fast across all terrain and both stiff and comfortable. Constructed from premium “Torayca T1000 1K Dream Carbon with Nano-alloy” with a high quality, tough, paint finish it’s a bike that keeps looking good over time.  We regularly have stock in near new (or even unridden) condition and of course all bikes that we sell are fully serviced and come fully warrantied by either us or Pinarello. With complete control over your build you can get your hands on a true superbike for realistic money.  

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